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CEO Message

First of all, I would like to express sincere appreciation to all of our customers for the support and encouragement they have given to Amadeus Logistic. Our core values are to assist business to attain the right strength and augment our colleague’s worth. We do everything to live up to our client’s requirements & expectations. In terms of quality and cost effectiveness we provide the best rates in the market where there is no compromise on punctuality, quality & consistency with care.I am proud that our customers trust us and maintain a long term relationship. We have come a long way to gain market consideration and trust where our employees have been the greatest asset. I n future, we will be striving to maintain our values and the standards by acquiring support from our valued external & Internal Customers.

Our focus on providing excellence and value to our customers is made possible by our people. Quite simply, we have great people – people who not only have significant experience and skills within their respective disciplines, but who also bring a passion to their work and are totally committed to meeting or exceeding their customers’ expectations. I am proud of our accomplishments so far, and I look forward to our continued growth and success in the years ahead. I know that we will face many challenges, but I am confident that our people and our leadership, guided by our core values, will meet these challenges and continue to provide great value to our customers.

Junaid Chaudhry "CEO" ,
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Amadeus Logistic and Supply Chain is a fully integrated global management solution in freight forwarding. The guiding philosophy of our organization is providing innovative, practical and top-quality logistic service. The objectives of imparting all the services in Amadeus Logistic and Supply Chain are to disseminate the application of knowledge to create a synergetic impact.

We have a profound appreciation for the support of our customers through these dynamic years. With their help, we have endeavour and overcome many obstacle and challenges, and have grown even stronger. To ensure our continued success, we have beefed-up our service portfolio to provide excellence service in our day-to-day dealings to our customers.

As we embrace on our past successes, we will rest assures to our customers that the future service expectation towards our customers will be balanced. We look forward on the continuous business partnership with us as your preferred “Global Logistics Solutions” provider in the regime of Asia. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank our customers and business partners for the continued confidence and support.