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Our Services

Amadeus Logistic provides companies with some of the industry’s most reliable and comprehensive road transportation solutions. Over the years, we have logged millions of miles, managed countless shipments and earned an outstanding reputation for helping companies successfully deliver their goods. Amadeus Logistic is your one stop provider for all your over-the-road transportation requirements. We offer a complete array of over-the-road trucking solutions ranging from Full Truck Load (FCL) or Less than Truck Load (LTL) to regional, asset-based solutions, climate control and bulk commodities.

Amadeus Logistic is a freight forwarding company that is focused exclusively on the transportation by railway. The experienced staff is our treasure. Our passion to railway is the instrument that helps reaching our objectives. Our skills make us versatile and flexible. Finally, we believe in professionalism and are addicted to sound perfectionism. Our VISION encompass realizing customer’s needs, building client-oriented environment inside the company, implementing innovative non-trivial thinking style and employing the latest technologies into the freight forwarding by railway. As a result, we tend to minimize client’s involvement into the process of freight forwarding in order to minimize headache and concern of a client.

The mission of Amadeus Logistic and supply chain management is to provide on-time and affordable global management and services. With capabilities ranging from inventory management to warehousing to complete forecasting support with a single point of control for your supply chain, several operational field sites at major clients depots and a knowledgeable, experienced staff, Amadeus Logistic is committed to providing support when and where it is needed. Whether it is providing a rush delivery of spare parts to get equipment operational or total life-cycle services, Amadeus Logistic stands ready to support its customers.